A Reflection on Identity

In the sixth grade, my teacher was Mr. Bamberger. He was one of the coolest teachers that I have ever had.  I remember him being very built and in shape.  He lifted weights a lot, so he was very muscular.   He was my favorite teacher because he loved sports and so did I.  After my friends and I got all of our work done in class,  we would sit back and talk sports until everyone got done with their assignments.  Mr. Bamberger just wasn’t a teacher, he was also the head football coach.  Coach Bamberger was the football coach that led the team to a state championship.

If  I had to relate Coach Bamberger to anything it’d be a person who doesn’t get mad unless there’s a reason for him to be. He very rarely raised his voice, in fact I only remember a few times he did.  But if he was mad you sure did know it! If he yelled, it rang throughout classroom like a football coach with a megaphone!

Coach Bamberger and I were alike.

Coach Bamberger and I talked a lot about football as we both loved the sport.  Every chance we had we were talking about plays, or who should be playing what position.  During parent teacher conferences, he talked to my parents about how shocked he was because of knowledge I had about football and other sports.  Recess was the best part of the school day.  During recess, Coach Bamberger always played football with us, even if we had to be inside because of the weather.

In the classroom and on the field.

In the classroom, Mr. Bamberger was an intelligent man, he knew what he was doing all the time.   If we needed help he was always willing to help us until we knew how to do it.  He was a teacher that if the class didn’t understand something he would keep on the subject, even if it took two months, he’d make sure that we knew it because he wanted his students to be successful.   I remember one day he was late for football practice because we needed extra help in math.  He was not leaving the classroom until we had the assignment figured out.  Mr. Bamberger was all about success.

On the football field, Coach Bamberger became a different person.  He was still the “teacher” of the field; but he became a strict coach.  He was all about success, reaching for goals and not stopping until you got there.  He was more gruff on the field then he was in the classroom. Coach Bamberger was a type of coach when you finally accomplished a goal he liked to have fun. During the last part of practice instead of getting on the line to run and run and run coach would have them line up beside each other and he’d throw football, and then the football guys had to battle for the ball and the loser had to run the length of the football field.

Pregame was the best part about the games.

I think the football guys favorite part of game days was right after school when they’d go to coaches house and have a freshly prepared meal and either watch film or they would watch football movies. The players and coaches favorite part had to have been getting the “W” every Friday night.

Coach was a religious guy, he went to church every Sunday morning. During warm ups coach Bamberger would go talk to the opposing teams coach and ask one question, “After the game no matter how the game goes would you guys like to pray with us?” Most coaches would say yes but some where just stuck up and would decline coaches offer, but that didn’t bother coach.



















































































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