“Night” -Quote Reflection #3

“Where is merciful God, where is he?”

At this point in the book Elise and his father are losing faith in there chance of getting out of this bad time alive.  Elise has been transported 3 times so far. To the Ghettos, to Auschwitz, and Duna.

To Elise Hitler is God because he does what he pleases.

If I was in the Elise’s shoes i’d keep beliving that the real God is still there. I myself am a religious person, through the hardest times in my live I talk to God like a friend. I realize that going through the holocaust and thinking that God isn’t real because if he was real none of that would happen. Elise and the rest of the Jews just know he’s there because he allowed them to escape and the Russain forces stopped the Germans.


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